Who we are

As a Clinical Psychologist with children I became passionate that all mum’s should have free and easy access to the many brilliant resources scattered across the web.

This is a place where mum’s can review ‘the basics,’ before birth, and return to during the early years.

All mum’s want to feel strong within themselves, supported and give their children the best start. This website was created to support that.

Sometimes we need more support, or we will know someone who does. Our goal is for all mum’s to be able to find support if they need it, or to support someone else find the help they need. Helping someone else get to help can make all the difference.

Finally, having both parents working on the same page can be incredibly valuable so we created

Support for Mums

We are dedicated to providing free, carefully researched, easy-to-understand resources to support mothers and children from birth to 6 years of age

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Our resources are selected for quality, not for our profit

Carefully Researched

Our resources have been chosen after years of careful research

Easy to understand

We select resources that are as uncomplicated as possible


We stick to the basics! Because being a mum is busy!

This is The One

If you only see one video... this is it.

What is ‘good enough’ parenting? Because no mum is perfect.