The Sleeping Baby

There are so many opinions about how to help your child to sleep! But what do the experts say?

The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health (AAIMHI) has some guidelines.

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The Crying Baby

Sometimes it helps to know what ‘normal crying’ looks like!

The ‘Period of Purple crying’ affects babies from around 2 weeks of age until about 3-4 months of age.

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Why Is My Child Misbehaving?

Why does our children’s behaviour sometimes make it hard to connect with them?

Circle of Security International has a short video which may help.

Helping Children Manage Emotions

Dr John Gottman states “…when children have parents who use Emotion Coaching, they learn about emotions in healthy ways. As a result, these children tend to do better in school, make stronger friendships, and may even get sick less often.”

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Managing A Tantrum

One of the most difficult parts of parenting can be when our child loses it and can’t seem to get a grip.

Child Psychiatrist Dr Dan Siegel explains how children’s brains work and shares some hints for helping them to get back in control.

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