How can you understand what is going on inside your child’s mind? These illustrations from the Centre for Perinatal Psychology give hints on tuning in to how your baby communicates.

Created by Dr Bronwyn Leigh

Illustrations by Jess Racklyeft

little moments

One of the most powerful things we can do as mums is to grab those little moments and just focus on our babies. Watch this video for tips on communicating with your baby.

This video from Marte Meo comes all the way from The Netherlands but is a technique used around the world to support emotional and social communication.

making the routine meaningful

Simple, everyday moments with our children can mean so much.

In this video from Marte Meo, simple techniques for building a child’s feeling of security, confidence and social connection are shown.

As they grow

the art of playing with them

Play is so important to your child’s development. As mums we can help our children get the most out of play by allowing them to develop play ideas, giving words to their actions, and giving them detailed praise.

Here are some simple tips from Marte Meo for helping your child develop play skills and confidence.

We all want to do the best we can.

But what do you need to do to be a ‘good enough’ mum?

Watch this short video by Circle of Security International for well-researched, simple guidance on what we really need to give our children!

Dealing with misbehaviour can be very stressful! Understanding what they are trying to tell us can help.

Circle of Security International has a short video which may help.

understanding your own difficulties

We all have our own difficulties.

​This video by Circle of Security International helps to explain how to really be there for our kids, even when we find it tough.

Dr John Gottman states “…when children have parents who use Emotion Coaching, they learn about emotions in healthy ways. As a result, these children tend to do better in school, make stronger friendships, and may even get sick less often.” Read more.