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mothers groups

Being with people who understand the stages you and your child are going through can make such a difference.

Watch this video by The Raising Children Network to see why these mums found mothers groups so helpful.

Check with your community health centre or baby clinic (Australia) for mothers’ groups near you.

Having a group to play and connect with can make a huge difference to you and your child.

Playgroup Australia


Parents talk about how their relationships changed after having a baby and how they worked on them.

Relationships can change a lot after having a baby.

Dr John Gottman conducted 16 studies and found that, where there are two parents…

“Though both parents work much harder after the birth of their child, they both feel unappreciated.” Read more.

How can you prepare for parenthood with a partner?

Here Elly Taylor, author of Becoming Us provides 8 steps to help you prepare for the parenthood journey.


If you have a partner or are married, and want to maintain the intimacy in your relationship after having a baby, Dr John Gottman shares some tips from his research. Read more.

Screenshot (26) offer information and links specifically designed for rainbow and same-sex families. Read more.

Parenting after separation

This booklet contains advice for getting yourself and your child through a relationship separation. Confidential and professional support is available to help you make decisions about moving on with your life, with your child. Read more.


Dealing with single parenting can be incredibly challenging, but it can also bring benefits.

Read professional tips on helping your child to build strength and understand differences in families. Read more.