For Shared Care GP's

What is it? contains links to carefully selected early intervention and prevention videos, articles and support services for the perinatal and early childhood periods aimed at supporting all mum’s.



How is it different from other websites? is:

  1. Designed to provide resources for parental and child mental health as well as relationships.
  2. Highly curated, containing only the fundamentals.
  3. Non-clinical in presentation and therefore engaging to the greater population.
  4.  ‘Twinned’ with site for fathers, which aims to encourage both parents to work together.
How can Professionals use the site?
  1. Become familiar with the content of the site
  2. Assess the appropriateness of the site for their client (prenatal or postnatal period, or a child under 6 years)
  3. Introduce the site to the client via the printable PDF and offer to discuss the site at their next session
  4. Follow up at the next session by checking if the client has any questions about the site
  5. Where appropriate support client to access further services

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